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FREE Women's Self Defense Seminar

10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Grants Pass and Rogue Protection Group will be hosting a Women Only self defense seminar on February 11th at 12pm. 

The seminar will cover a variety of techniques that will help you protect yourself from different kinds of attacks. Everyone will have a partner, even if you come by yourself. 

Andrew Alexander is a brown belt in Jiu Jitsu under Eddie Bravo and has more than 10 years of combined wrestling and Jiu Jitsu experience. He owns 10th Planet Grants Pass and teaches the kids, beginners, and advanced programs. He has first hand experience going up against and defeating larger opponents and will show you the skills necessary to do the same.

Rogue Protection Group is a veteran-owned and operated business that provides superior personal protection education, weapon manipulation training and protection assessment services. RPG offers tactically-motivated and multi-platform firearm classes, firearm education classes, unarmed and edged weapon training, traditional Japanese Ninjutsu, personal and home protection education, and business risk assessment. 

Kelly Sparlin is an internationally licensed instructor with 20 years of security, combat, and martial arts experience as well as 12 years in the Navy.

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