Andrew Alexander is a brown belt under Eddie Bravo and the owner and instructor of 10th Planet Grants Pass. He was officially certified by Eddie Bravo to teach the system in October 2013. Andrew strives to help each student reach their full potential. His passion is evident in his consistent training, competing, and achievements. He frequently travels to other schools to train and learn from others in order to better himself and better his own students. Combined, Andrew has over 12 years of wrestling and Jiu Jitsu experience.

Andrew receiving his brown belt from Eddie Bravo

Andrew receiving his brown belt from Eddie Bravo


Taught by 10th Planet Grants Pass owner and instructor Andrew Alexander, the advanced class is well organized and run in a friendly yet professional manner.  Each class starts off with the 10th Planet warm-ups that are universal throughout each 10th Planet School. After warm-ups, Andrew breaks down a custom curriculum step-by-step and makes sure everyone has it down before moving on. 


                                                                                                                                           FUNDAMENTALS CLASS

Tristan in compeition

Tristan in compeition

If you have little to no jiu jitsu experience, then our fundamentals class is for you! During the 5 classes per week, the instructor will go over the very basics of Jiu Jitsu including positioning, passing, and basic submissions such as armbars and chokes. This class also teaches the mandatory warm-ups that carry over to the advanced class. This class is great for beginners or even more experienced students who want to polish up on their fundamentals. Fundamentals Classes are included in the adult monthly membership along with Advanced Classes!


10th Planet Grants Pass offers a kids/teen class! We promise a well rounded class that will have your child looking like a professional in no time! This is a great way for your child to learn self defense, confidence, and to become a part of a supportive team.

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Andrew is passionate about what he does. He believes in what he teaches and knows first hand how life changing this sport can be. He enjoys every aspect of Jiu Jitsu and hopes to share that passion with you! Come join us for a free week of class and you will be hooked!