5 Reasons All Women Should Train Jiu Jitsu:

  1. Self Defense - Learn to control and defend yourself against bigger, stronger people, especially when being pinned on your back. While this class is not structured around self defense situations, there is no doubt that you will learn to defend yourself during training.

  2. Fitness - Jiu Jitsu is one of the hardest (and most fun!) workouts you can get. You will use every muscle in your body throughout your time at the gym. You will quickly see results not just on the scale (but definitely on the scale), but also in your ability to train harder and longer than you did the day, week, or month before. We can say from experience, you have probably never sweat as much doing anything as you will in jiu jitsu.

  3. Confidence - This goes hand in hand with self defense because there is a certain confidence you gain in knowing that you can defend yourself against any size person, male or female. This confidence translates over into other areas of your life.

  4. It’s Fun! - All this talk about jiu jitsu being the hardest workout you’ll ever get and sweating more than ever might have made you think you aren’t cut out for it, but you are! At the same time as you are tired, sweating everywhere, and trying not to get choked by your partner, you will also be having a great time. You would never think something that is so good for your physical health could be this much fun.


Women are welcome to join our regular beginner and advanced classes, but sometimes it can be a little intimidating to walk into a gym full of mostly men and start a new sport you’ve likely never done before. We are now offering women only classes every Tuesday and Friday from 4pm to 5pm. These classes are taught by 10th Planet Grants Pass women with years of experience in training and competing.

This class will go over the same techniques that are taught in our beginners class so that if you ever want to join the full adult program, the transition will be seamless.

If there is one point we cannot stress enough at 10th Planet Grants Pass, it’s that you do not need to be in good shape to start jiu jitsu. You do not need to be athletic or flexible. Those things will come with these classes. This women only class is for all shapes and sizes, regardless of your athletic abilities. Trust us when we say that everyone can do these techniques or a modified version of them.


The Women Only Curriculum Includes:

  • Fundamental Techniques

  • Variety of Submissions

  • Working from All Positions

  • Drills to Increase Cardio and Flexibility